1. Karen,
    I appreciate your sharing your devotions so much. I’ve been reading 2 Chronicles, and over and over I see the theme of pursuing God with your whole heart. I do believe that if you pursue God with your whole heart, that God does work things out for the best for you. That does not mean that a Christian has no troubles, of course, but that God is there with him through it all, which makes such a big difference.
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  2. I do connect self-doubt with the fear of being wrong. How can we be absolutely certain we’re right all the time? Events prove otherwise. All we can do is forgive ourselves and move on, with the hope that we won’t make the same blunder.

  3. I’ve always felt that the events of years ago have somehow prepared me for what I am experiencing today. In some ways, having a father who had experienced a traumatic brain injury before I was born prepared me for having a developmentally disabled brother in law in my life. I’ve talked to various advocates for those with disabilities and so many of them report the same feeling.
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