1. Well I’m sorry about your surgery, but it seems like you are recovering well. Yeah, I agree sometimes it is hard to trust my destiny, or feel like I even have one. Sometimes feel very u important in people’s lives, so hard to why I would be important to God.

  2. We all struggle in life and if we had no free will we would be scared to advance or step out in life and grow.
    As for destiny I believe there all sort of fact on how one life comes out.

    I’m going to have a breast reduction (reconstructive surgery) now waiting for the insurance to give permission or not.
    But it a comfort to see someone else having reconstructive surgery. Glad it came out good.

    Coffee is on
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  3. Elizabeth O.

    Yes, it is easy for me to trust my destiny to God. Everything happens for a reason and I know He won’t give it to me if I can’t handle it.

  4. I’m watching my mother in law heal after her heart valve surgery, gaining strength every day in her rehab situation. I feel for you – it’s a long slow, process. I hope your healing continues, and you are at full healing soon. My husband may need some foot surgery and it is not something either of us are looking forward to. But, what will be, will have to be.
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  5. Ashley

    I totally worry about the future, knowing that God has it all under control. It’s just really tough when circumstances are difficult, ya know? Glad you’re healing btw!

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