1. Elizabeth O.

    I would have to agree with you, I think it’s not necessary to worry especially if you don’t really have control over the situation. It would be better to leave it all to God and just brave whatever is going to happen.

  2. You cannot avoid worrying, what you can do though is learn how to deal with it, god is an option, I find discussing my worries with a colleague of partner helps greatly to put things into perspective.

  3. Worrying can surely drain one’s energy. It weakens the soul and sadden’s the spirit. Worrying is definitely not something we should indulge ourself with.

  4. I do agree. And I remember reading that something like 95% of the things you worry about don’t even occur. Worrying about things can really be draining especially after a long day at work.

  5. I used to worry a lot until I realized that it’s never healthy. Aside from the stress, it also causes you to overthink things and that will make the situation worse when it’s not even bad to begin with. I would rather just keep the faith and believe that everything will be alright.

  6. Rosey

    whew I’m waiting for something now over a year. I’m trying my best to be patient. I’m trying to trust and not worry. 🙂

  7. I do find worrying to be draining. It brings anxiety to a new height and emotions a flare. I try to not worry, instead I pray to God to ease my worries and to help me take care of whatever the issue is.

  8. wendy

    It has taken me a long time to try to get myself not to be a worry wart. It just makes you sick to your stomach and all in all you have to just except you can not change what is going to happen in most cases. You just have to go along with the ride.

  9. Nicole Escat

    I admit that I have worries but I choose faith. Although it is hard, I always look to God for things I am clueless about.

  10. Courtney Gillard

    It’s hard not to worry, especially when things aren’t going your way. What I do is pray and lift everything to God. Praying always helps me feel better.

  11. Nikki Jenner

    I used to be a worry freak until I realized that it only leaves me feeling so stressed. Not healthy at all. Now, instead of worrying, I pray.

  12. I agree with what you wrote.

    I also feel that worrying can be hereditary. I feel I have this from my mother.

    I do try to put it away from me and I need to pray about it.

  13. When I was little and would stress about something, my uncle would tell me “you are a child, you don’t need to worry!” I sort of grew up thinking that only adults can worry. I’d much rather have faith.

  14. I pray every time I feel worried about a certain thing. I always look for the positive side and keep my faith to God that it is only a challenge that I can overcome.

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