1. I tend put my personal goals on the shelf when life gets too hectic, especially when our kids were little. Now that they are grown, I am learning to let my own goals have the importance they deserve. Most recently, I have been doing the A to Z blog challenge, where you post Mon-Sat, using each letter of the alphabet as the daily inspiration. It has not been easy, but now that I have almost made it through, I have to say – I LOVE the feeling of self accomplishment I have.
    Best wishes for you and your goals!

  2. Its true since anything worth having will most likely require a huge amount of sacrifice and determination so having your eyes on the prize matters a lot. Remain focus and never give up.

  3. Every time I’m faced with a deadline and obstacles I try to focus on the end result. Keeping an eye on the prize is sometimes the best motivation.

  4. Elizabeth O.

    This is a really motivating message. Often times people give up on their goals because of the journey that they have to go through. These are the times that we forget about the reward of reaching our goal. It’s good to keep yourself motivated and focus on the reward. So that no matter what hardship you go through, you will never give up.

  5. Lawrence Hamilton

    No I don’t find it easy. Not at all. I work and push through it. With a lot of help from God. Very inspiring as I sometimes forget that God is indeed around.

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