Exploring Motives of the Heart

Exploring Motives of the Heart

Here we are at the second Sunday in December, a mere two weeks before Christmas! This season is one noted for gift-giving and spending time with family and friends. Children usually focus more on the gift RECEIVING part of Christmas–and if we as adults are honest, we probably also have our times of wondering what we might GET for gifts more than we focus on the joy of GIVING to others. It’s a matter of exploring the motives of our hearts!



So here’s your Sunday contemplation!


“If you don’t get whatever it is you want,

can you still love God?

Will you still serve Him all the days of your life?

Or are you just trying to get something from Him?

A fine line divides the motives of the heart

between selfish and selfless;

and we must always make sure we understand

which side of the line we are standing on.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My reflections:

Interesting, I have prayed about this often – to know the difference between praying for God’s will and believing He will grant me my heart’s desire, per Psalm 37:4 — “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your heart.” Hoping the two coincide!

I guess it’s an ongoing self-test to determine what our motives are and if they are truly selfish or selfless.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Have you considered what your motives are in various areas of life?

Do you think about the lessons of the past as motivation to do what’s right in the future?




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