1. Exhaustion is one thing I do deal with quite regularly. Trying to be a mom, work, take care of the house, sometimes, there’s so much going on and not enough sleep. That is definitely one thing I’m working on to balance.
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  2. Elizabeth O.

    Sometimes all we need is just a short break and everything will be okay again. Although when there’s too much stress a longer break is needed, but nonetheless the feeling of being burnt out is going to go away eventually. We all just need to breathe.

  3. I think I was a victim of the Winter Blues in the beginning of this year. I was so groggy and unmotivated..and then right before my 30th bday 2 weeks ago I got really really burnt out. I am now in a better place but sometimes we fill our mind with lies and stress ourselves out more…go outside and breathe good air and meditate is my solution.

  4. Wow! I couldnt beleive my eyes when I went to read your blog.. this is exactly what I have been drowning in!.. Thanks to you and all of the other comments not only does it make you feel less failed, but all the different ways to manage!

  5. What a great thought for today. I’ve been in burnout mode for about 3 months now and it’s been especially bad these last two weeks – I’m right between a 4 day business trip and a 3 day conference in a two week period. Basically, I’m just in survival mode and I’m seeing all those symptoms – stomach, headache, exhaustion, crankiness, you name it. My family wants to talk to me and all I can think is “talk faster, I’ve got STUFF to do!”. Definitely am making plans to slow down and get back on track after this conference.
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