Establish Your Direction Intentionally for 2017

Establish Your Direction Intentionally for 2017

I’m continuing to review older posts and glean from some to re-publish them, as they seem relevant and hopefully helpful as we move forward in these early months of 2017. Like this one, about setting or establishing our direction intentionally, not just with a “whatever will be will be” attitude.




The older I get, the more I discover I need to be structured and deliberate in my actions. It’s challenging dealing with the “here for” issue.  You know, you walk into a room and suddenly can’t remember what you came in here for! If you don’t know what I mean, then you are blessed and don’t suffer from brain fog!  😉


So I have to make lists, use color-coded notecards, use the “S Note” feature on my cell phone or set reminders with notifications, and/or hang sticky notes, all to make sure I don’t forget important things. Some of the details on these lists and within notes are the things I intend to do each day in a structured or scheduled order; seeing them written down helps me set the direction or plan for the day, as I can reflect on them or refer back to them.



So here’s your mid-week inspiration, #13 from Karl Moore’s 18 Rules of Happiness.

Rule #13 – Set Direction with Intention

Decide on where you’re going and how it’ll be for you – and it’ll happen.

Set your intention first. Make it clear that you’re going to have a great time, you’ll meet some fantastic people, and that it’s going to be wonderful.

Set your general intention every morning and every night, too. The brighter and more positive, the better.

Set your sunny intention – and you will be happy.” — Karl Moore


Whether you think you can or you can’t,

you’re right.”

– Henry Ford



My Reflections

While I know for sure things happen to derail our good intentions and direction for a day, since we really have no control over some things, I think the overall rule here is good. I definitely feel happier when I have a plan and get things done on any given day.

I also like Henry Ford’s simple quote: “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.”  Simple, yet powerful!


So What Are YOUR Thoughts?

How do you feel about this rule of happiness?

Have you experienced the truth of setting your direction for the day (week, month, year) intentionally and seeing good results?



My therapy and “bliss” – quiltmaking!

One of my many favorite log cabin variations!

10 thoughts on “Establish Your Direction Intentionally for 2017

  1. Oh that Henry Ford quote. It’s a popular one around here both with my 11-year-old and with my 75-year-old mother. It’s interesting how frequently they intersect with their attitudes 🙂

  2. Love some of these messages, especially what to do when you first wake up. Most days I am grateful immediately and then pray for my three children and the day ahead for them. And Rademaker’s CONTINUE TO LEARN is my mantra. Every day. Thanks for this.

  3. There are so many variations on the theme of goals for a new year but in the final analysis, the only thing that really matters is that we’ve taken action toward creating a meaningful life – whatever that happens to mean to each of us. Intentions, Word, Theme, Resolutions, Goals, the label one chooses to apply matters little if, in the end, we find ourselves stuck in the same place 365 days from now.
    Marquita Herald recently posted..Beyond Uncertainty Lies a World of PossibilitiesMy Profile

  4. I like the 5 Things to Do Before You Get Out of Bed! I think that’s better than just turning off the alarm and rolling out of bed since it allows you to set your focus before you even start the day.

    I do try to be purposeful about setting my direction for the day when it comes to scheduling, planning ahead, etc., but I know I should focus more on actually setting my attitude for the day as well.
    Tracey recently posted..10 Ways to Build Strong Family TiesMy Profile

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