1. Elizabeth O.

    That’s so motivating. It’s nice to be able to dream big and work towards making those dreams come true. We really can’t live life without going for the things that we truly want.

  2. These are great inspirational sayings. I find if I remember them, or have them printed in front of me during the day, then I have better days and accomplish more than I thought I could.

  3. I agree- dream big!! But also, break that big dream down into smaller, super achievable goals that will eventually be the pieces of the bigger dream. If that makes sense. Biggest dream: successful writer and singer!

  4. Well I hope this is right. I have the dream, I’m doing the starting work for it, and I’m praying. I certainly hope to see it come to light one day.

  5. I’m a big believer in aiming for your goals. My goal is to help and support as many people as I can, Ive got a checklist of little things I want to do to achieve this and tick them of bit by bit, it keeps me focused and there only small parts of my goal that I could easily do sections at a time x

  6. i am currently living my dream of pursing an acting career. i moved out to California and go on auditions. i am also starting to lay the groundwork for my other dream of owning/opening a dueling piano bar

  7. Dream Big to Succeed Big! Well said!l I look at life with the perspective that I can achieve anything that’s possible. Just do it! As always I enjoyed reading your inspirational post!

  8. Yes to this! You always need to aim for the sky, I once saw a quote that said something along the lines of you are your only limit which is very true! We need to not let fear stand in our way

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