Don’t Compare and Conform – Be Confident and Be Yourself

Don’t Compare and Conform – Be Confident and Be Yourself

Compare and Conform?

The typical marketing ploy is to make us as consumers compare ourselves and our possessions to what others have and we do NOT have. The world’s overwhelming expectation is that we conform to whatever societal pressures seem to be the most popular or the most politically correct.

In both cases, the notion that we should compare and conform seems to indicate we are NOT acceptable for who we are, and we need something we don’t have in order to gain acceptance and confidence. Yet God made us to be individuals–not carbon copies of anyone else–to be confident in who we are, with all the specific qualities He gave each of us, to be wholly acceptable as we are because of who we are in Him. In other words, BE REAL and BE OURSELVES!



Here is some inspiration for this Saturday…

“A confident woman avoids comparisons. Confidence is not possible as long as we compare ourselves with other people. No matter how good we look, how talented or smart we are, or how successful we are, there is always someone who is better, and sooner or later, we will run into her.

I believe confidence is found in doing the best we can with what we have to work with and not in comparing ourselves with others and competing with them. Our joy should not be found in being better than others, but in being the best we can be.

Pray: ‘Lord, I refuse to compare myself with others and compete to be better than them. My only interest is to be the best I can be with the gifts and talents You have given me. Amen.'”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”




My Reflections

I admit, I struggle with having or maintaining confidence at times. I don’t usually feel like I’m competing with anyone, but I do tend to compare myself and my achievements with people who work or study in similar areas.  I know this is NOT a good habit and is something I should stop doing!





So What Are YOUR Thoughts?

Do you struggle with confidence in some areas of life?

Do you find yourself comparing others and their accomplishments to you and your own accomplishments, or lack thereof?




7 thoughts on “Don’t Compare and Conform – Be Confident and Be Yourself

  1. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for this wonderful post.
    The tendency to always want to compare ourselves with others is part of the human nature, but it is not a healthy practice. When we compare ourselves to others, we will either feel we are better or worse than them.
    Like you suggested, it is important for us to develop the mindset of not comparing ourselves with others, because we all have unique journey. Unhealthy comparisons destroys personal confidence.
    Thanks for sharing
    Taiwo Emayosanlomo recently posted..The Poverty of the RichMy Profile

  2. I still find myself competing with others, even though I’m a lot more confident in myself than I used to be. I get impatient and see someone who is years ahead of me and think that’s where I should be too. Definitely something to work on. 🙂

  3. A big problem with life is if you do sit ‘outside of the box’ and don’t do as others do you are criticized and often seemingly working against everything and everyone that should celebrate your uniqueness. We are forced to conform by the restrictions society sets for us.

    Enjoy the journey!

  4. I think this is an area that definitely needs high awareness and would be an ongoing work in progress. It would be easy to tell yourself some of the things you want in life are your original idea not influenced by media or anyone else’s progress. However, the psychology of marketing is so tricky before you know it your thoughts have been guided in directions before you realize it. This is a powerful share much food for thought. Easy to become accustomed to going along just to get along.

  5. Hi Karen. Once a month we have fast and testimony meeting. Anyone who feels like it can bear testimony and talk about how the gospel has affected their life.

    One our members commented God loves us, and no matter what we do He will not love us any more or any less than He ever has. I’ve really grabbed hold of that. It doesn’t mean He loves and accepts our bad behavior, but He always loves us and is waiting for us to come to Him. With that kind of love, how can we feel unworthy?

    I love all your quotes and thoughts on this blog. Thanks so much.

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