Do You Follow Feelings – or Take Steps of Faith?

Do You Follow Feelings – or Take Steps of Faith?

Ponder your usual routine as you go through the day. Are you more apt to follow your feelings–or take steps of faith?

Feelings and faith. Which one is stronger? Which one do we tend to pay attention to or follow? Or better question, which one SHOULD we follow?


Onto this midweek inspiration…

“I have discovered that no matter how doubtful I feel,

I can decide to go forward in faith.

My feelings are not me.

I am greater than my feelings, and so are you.

No matter how we feel,

we can still choose to do the right thing.

Going against your feelings

is not always easy

because feelings are frequently very strong,

but standing against them until you enjoy freedom

is much better than continuing

to let them run your life and hold you in bondage.

If you make a decision,

don’t allow yourself to become doubtful

just because someone else i

s not doing what you are doing.

What will YOU serve? Faith or feelings?

Pray: Lord, I choose to not live by my feelings today

or let them hold me in bondage.

I put my faith in You

and will serve You with all my heart. Amen.”  

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”



My reflections:


I find this is sometimes easier said than done, depending on just how strong negative feelings are. They can really be crippling sometimes, and that’s when it seems like depression is lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce.


Again, the choice thing–choosing to NOT allow those feelings to overcome us and seeking God’s help instead to move forward in faith.


So what are YOUR thoughts?


Do you struggle to overcome strong, negative feelings?


What are your strategies to not be overcome by them?



2 thoughts on “Do You Follow Feelings – or Take Steps of Faith?

  1. Yes, I struggle with my feelings. I would prefer to take steps of faith but, sometimes, they feel like scary leaps of faith. There have been times when I have taken those leaps of faith and the results have usually been good. If only I could remember that when it comes time to take another leap of faith…

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