Do It Afraid to Overcome Fears – August 8 Inspiration

Do it afraid to overcome fears.  Another Monday has arrived, and along with it, responses are arriving to my inquiries to conduct my doctoral study at about a dozen Maine academic institutions. This brings a strange mixture of excitement AND fear, or at least anxiety, about moving forward toward my goal of becoming Dr. Banks!

An activity that’s good for  the soul is to face fears and worries, stare them down, and overcome them–by the grace of God–in order to achieve goals and fulfill dreams. Sometimes that means taking action even when we’re nervous or scared…in other words, doing it afraid!



Onto this Monday’s inspiration…


“Fear is nothing but a feeling

that causes certain manifestations.

It causes us to tremble, sweat, turn red,

shake, and have wobbly knees.

The Bible doesn’t say, ‘Tremble not’ –

‘ Sweat not’ – ‘Shake not’ —

The Bible says, ‘FEAR not.’

The word ‘fear’ implies

running away from something.

In other words,

God is saying when FEAR comes,

don’t let it stop us.

We are to DO IT AFRAID!

We are cowards only if we run.

Maybe you have been allowing a FEELING

to control and determine your destiny.

Maybe you think that some people

have fear and some don’t.

But the truth is

 fear comes to EVERYBODY.

What we do in spite of that fear

makes the difference

between victory or defeat in our lives.


–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My reflections:

This concept of  “doing it afraid” is one I’ve had to employ a few times, in personal relationships, freelance work opportunities, dissertation studies, and other life situations. It doesn’t usually feel comfortable at the time, but the outcome is normally a positive one that yields a sense of accomplishment.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do  you agree with the strategy to “do it afraid” and not allow doubts and fears to keep you from fulfilling your goals and dreams?

How about putting your fears behind you and your dreams in front of you?

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  1. Truly an interesting point of view I had never come across. What a great read!

  2. Well, sometimes for me is so difficult to put my dreams in front of my fears. I know it is not good, but everything is in my mind and is really hard. Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring post!

  3. I really like the idea of doing it afraid rather than not doing it at all. I agree that a lot of people aren’t able to reach their goals because they’re afraid, fear is one enemy we always have a hard time beating!

  4. I have many fears, failure is one and death is the other. I have sleepless nights worrying about it being my last. Its a strange and irrational fear to have.

  5. I think there is truth in doing what you fear most to overcome it and I work on overcoming fears all the time.

  6. I think you probably grow in a big, big way when you do things afraid. Sometimes I can and sometimes I just can’t.

  7. What a wonderful point. We do almost everything afraid to overcome fear.

  8. lately it’s been past failures than have been more overwhelming than fear. because fear effects me but past failure effects my family so the pressure to succeed is higher and more impatient. so I’ve been trying to deal with that pressure and find a way to reassure them while I continue on my dream path. I have no fear because I’ve already failed, so i know I would rather fail a billion times at something I love than at something i dont.

  9. Oh, I love this! This is something I have been dealing with a lot lately.

  10. This is really interesting. I have let my fears decide what I do and don’t and I have really been left out of a lot of things because of my fear.

  11. I have learned to put my fears behind me and my dreams in front of me. Fear use to decide what I did, but it no longer controls my life.

  12. My fears are on the back burner. I trust God to get me through them.

  13. To overcome one’s fear of anything is really a great feat. My way just simply involves diverting my thoughts and it only helps a little, temporarily.

  14. I think we are all afraid of something or rather, how we deal with fear is what determines our fate. I have my trust in the Lord and even when I am scared I put it to him first and accept the outcome.

  15. This is an awesome post, and I needed to read it. I recently overcame so many fears and it’s a great feeling!!

  16. I love the way you wrote this and that idea of doing it afraid. I’ve done that many times, but didn’t put a name to it.
    I think we should, and then many times we’d realize that what we feared wasn’t there at all.
    Thanks for sharing.

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