1. There have been times when I’ve been ‘saved’ from making bad decisions and choices – and I am always grateful for this divine intervention. I so agree that your history does not have to decide your destiny

  2. Elizabeth O.

    I would like to believe that I have witnessed this a couple of times in my life. It’s really amazing what God can do to help protect us from harm. Such a good read, thank you!

  3. Edwin Lao

    I totally agree with this. That’s why I really believe in God. I really felt that he saves me a dozen times in bad things supposedly going to happen.

    Love God and always Pray with your heart.
    Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have.

  4. Laurie

    When things are going badly it’s very hard to not think you’re destined for failure. It take a lot of work mental and physical to get yourself out of that mindset and to stay there

  5. I do believe we are always being guided by the spiritual world. Yes, I believe that divine intervention is happening, through us, not to us. It is the voice intuition that we chose one direction or another and find we were saved from otherwise unfavorable circumstance. I was at a workshop last night and the young man shared an incredible story of how the energy of the crystals he was carrying in his car somehow guided him in the “wrong” direction, which ended up being the right one as it turned out. I’ve had many amazing interventions happen in my own life as well, especially to do with my health. My strong belief in my spiritual world guides has led me to and away from some fantastical experiences in my life. As we all have a destiny path we are following, I know that our history is one mere step on the journey and it does not have to dictate our ultimate destiny. We always have free will to choose.
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