Detour to Success – February 5 Inspiration

Detour to Success – February 5 Inspiration

Success is not instantaneous, as much as we might like it to be. We usually have to learn some lessons along the way, and even fail now and then as part of the learning process. In other words, we often encounter detours on the road to success. The important thing is to learn what we need to, and keep moving forward.




Here’s your inspiration for this first Friday in February…


“I believe failing is part of every success.

As John Maxwell says, ‘We can fail forward.’

History is filled with examples of people

who are famous for doing great things–

yet if we study their lives,

we find they failed numerous times

before they ever succeeded at anything.

Their real strength was not their talent

as much as it was their tenacity.

A person who refuses to give up

will always succeed, eventually.

Remember: Failure is simply a detour

on the road to success.”

Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional


My reflections:

It’s comforting to know so many people failed before they ever succeeded–so failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even if we fail the first (second, third…) time, at least it means we made the effort and learned what did NOT work. If we don’t step out to find out (as in yesterday’s post), and take some calculated risks, we might not fail… but we also won’t succeed!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you agree we often have to fail before we succeed? Have you ever taken a detour on the road to success?


Our 3 newest kittens--Loki, Thor, and Minnie--now 5 months old.
Our 3 newest kittens–Loki, Thor, and Minnie–now 5 months old.

23 thoughts on “Detour to Success – February 5 Inspiration

  1. If we fail then that simply means we’re trying. It’s part of the process on our way to our goals. Thanks for this lovely inspiration!

  2. I definitely believe in the concept of failing forward! It almost took me a year of ‘failing’ with blog ideas before I got to the one I am 100% satisfied with. We can always be learning along the way!!

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