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Deliberately Choose Happiness – March 4 Inspiration


Choose happiness. Deliberately. On this March 4th, deliberately choose to march forth (see what I did there?) into happiness and joy, and a more positive lifestyle. While things sometimes do happen TO us, usually because of circumstances beyond our control and because we have no control over other people, most of the time we are responsible for our own choices and the  consequences of those choices.



Here’s your inspirational thought for this first Friday in March…


“Happiness and joy do not come from the outside

but from within you.

They are the result of a conscious decision,

a deliberate choice–one we make each day.

There are many people living in bad situations

they would like to see changed.

But despite the challenges,

they choose to be happy and joyous.

You face that same choice every day of your life.

Either you choose to passively listen to the devil

and allow him to ruin your life and make you miserable,

or you choose to aggressively withstand him

so you can live in the fullness of life

God provided for you through His Son Jesus Christ.

Make the right choice and enjoy life like never before!”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My reflections:

Life is certainly all about choices. It’s easy to blame others when things don’t go right, but quite often it all comes back to us and some choices we made. I know some days I actually talk out loud, giving myself a pep talk, telling myself to let go, get over it, ignore negativity, focus on positivity, or whatever applies for the day.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you make conscious, deliberate choices to be happy and positive?

Can you aggressively stand against negativity or evil intentions of  others when they come against you?




  1. Nicole Escat

    Wow! This is so inspirational. Thank you for your words, it’s so powerful and full of hope.
    Nicole Escat recently posted..How to be a #SelfieExpertMy Profile

    04 . Mar . 2016
  2. tara pittman

    Life is all about choices. We choose not others.
    tara pittman recently posted..Gluten Free Black Bean BrowniesMy Profile

    04 . Mar . 2016
  3. Lois Alter Mark

    Words of wisdom, for sure. We are the only ones responsible for our happiness.
    Lois Alter Mark recently posted..why #imwithher – and elton john and katy perry are, too! by jami kellyMy Profile

    04 . Mar . 2016
  4. Elizabeth O.

    I also believe that happiness is a choice we can choose to make everyday. It’s not something that will happen just like that. This is a good reminder to us all. And I needed something like this today.

    05 . Mar . 2016
  5. Rachel Mouton

    This is so true! I tell my kids this all of the time. Being happy is a choice, which means it takes work 🙂
    Rachel Mouton recently posted..Zootopia is Open in Theaters Everywhere Today #ZootopiaMy Profile

    05 . Mar . 2016
  6. Lisa Beach

    I agree, happiness is a choice. And sometimes it’s a hard choice when things aren’t going your way. But rather than wallow in the negativity or blame game (an easy trap to fall into), it’s so much better to gather your strength, courage and determination to be happy despite what’s going on. Nice post!
    Lisa Beach recently posted..Naturepedic’s Organic Mattress: Heaven In a BoxMy Profile

    05 . Mar . 2016
  7. Eugenia

    Absolutely! Life is all about choices and the decisions we make.Always do your best to make the right ones! Thanks for sharing such a motivational post!
    Eugenia recently posted..Best way to communicate joy!My Profile

    05 . Mar . 2016
  8. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    Choosing happiness is sometimes easy and yet there are days where you just kind of want to curl up and cry. However I think we all need to make that conscious choice of being happy as much as we can.
    Kathy Kenny Ngo recently posted..Footzone Day Spa in GreenhillsMy Profile

    05 . Mar . 2016
  9. michelle

    I try to chose happiness when possible but sometimes I have to call on the Lord for help with finding the happiness. I give myself pep talks too
    michelle recently posted..Steinbeck House RestaurantMy Profile

    05 . Mar . 2016
  10. Marielle Altenor

    I do! I sometimes wake up and speak it into existence. The day doesn’t always goes as planned but at the end I made a conscious decisions to be happy!
    Marielle Altenor recently posted..Button Crafts: Diy Hot Air Balloon ButtonMy Profile

    05 . Mar . 2016
  11. Jonathan Key

    Sometimes life throws us curve balls. In those moments all we can control is our attitude or responses. It’s so important to try to stay positive even in difficult circumstances. Particularly when people are trying to do evil towards you or your family.
    Jonathan Key recently Paying for College with High School Micro-ScholarshipsMy Profile

    06 . Mar . 2016
  12. Rosey

    I have made deliberate conscious efforts to forgive. That is a deliberate effort to be happy. 🙂

    06 . Mar . 2016
  13. Jennifer Pilgrim

    It’s important to always remember that you have control of the mood you’re in. Great advice!

    06 . Mar . 2016
  14. Heather

    I read a quote once that I actually printed out and put on my wall for a reminder. It says life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it. So I completely agree with your post. Sometimes we wake up in a foul mood and don’t know why. I think we have to look within and make an active decision to be happy.
    Heather recently posted..How Are Ovens Different? Let Us Count The Ways!My Profile

    06 . Mar . 2016
  15. Mama to 5 BLessings

    Nice quotes. I think we have a choice in life – to make wise choices, it is what we decide to do with them!
    Mama to 5 BLessings recently posted..Staying Hydrated During Flu Season With Pedialyte #goodbyeflu #seethelyteMy Profile

    06 . Mar . 2016
  16. Ana De- Jesus

    I choose happiness everytime no matter how depressed and low I am I know that the only I can feel better is remove myself from the situation!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted..New Chic WishlistMy Profile

    06 . Mar . 2016
  17. Doran @ Haute Beauty Guide

    Happiness is definitely a choice. And, I try to remind myself everyday! Thanks for the additional reminder
    Doran @ Haute Beauty Guide recently posted..Facial FiveMy Profile

    06 . Mar . 2016
  18. brianna george

    Yes we do choose joy. Joy cant be taken from us. 🙂
    brianna george recently posted..Four Factors Toward Healing from Lies You have BelievedMy Profile

    06 . Mar . 2016
  19. Ana Fernandez

    There is not easy for me to stay positive when somebody comes angry and irrational but I have develop patience over this years so I try to stay more positive in those scenarios
    Ana Fernandez recently posted..Lemon Cornmeal Cake that’s Brunch Approved!My Profile

    06 . Mar . 2016
  20. amy jones

    Yes we always have to choose happiness, that is the only thing that is up to us and nobody can take that from you

    06 . Mar . 2016

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