Decluttering, Cleaning, Overcoming Procrastination, and Transforming Our Lives – July 6 Devotions

Decluttering, Cleaning, Overcoming Procrastination, and Transforming Our Lives – July 6 Devotions

The first Monday in July is here! How is yours going so far? If you didn’t get a chance to do some spring cleaning or de-cluttering, in your home or your life, maybe this point in the early summer would be a good time to start!

It might be a good time to “put off putting things off” – in other words, overcome procrastination and make a clean sweep, literally and figuratively!



Your devotional thoughts for this Monday…




“Have you ever gone on a cleaning rampage to straighten up your home or office? Did you enjoy pitching junk, straightening objects, and organizing materials so that you could find them when you need them?


You may need to get on a a Holy Ghost rampage and do the same thing with your life. Say, ‘I’ve had enough bondage. I’ve had enough negative thoughts. I’ve had enough liesย  of the devil.


I’m not going to be discouraged, depressed, or despondent. I am going to enjoy my life!’


Jesus is ready to help you live life to the fullest!”


–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”




“Procrastination may be one of the enemy’s most effective tools in his assault on the children of God. We prefer to struggle through life for years, carrying around the 200-pound monkey of our past sin or unresolved conflict rather than take the hour, day, or week it might take to put the monkey where it belongs.


How many times have family members carried past offenses against each other, sometimes not speaking to one another for years, waiting until their final breaths in a hospital room to forgive one another and make up?ย 


What a waste! Would it be better to ditch the ‘monkey’ of broken relationships and bitterness TODAY so you can enjoy years of rich relationship in the future?


Whatever hinders you from obeying God and being transformed, it has to go. Whether it’s credit cards, your reputation, success, security, ambition, or your favorite drug of choice, God is calling for a clean sweep.


Many of our challenges may not be ‘evil’ in and of themselves. But know that everything God desires requires obedience from the HEART, and He freely uses outward things to work the inward process of your transformation.”


–Dr. Tim Clinton in “Turn Your Life Around”


-1- I know I certainly need to do this literally, continue with my decluttering, cleaning, and reorganizing. Clutter in my physical spaces is much too rampant and visible in nearly every photo I look at of pictures taken in our home. Clutter in my emotional, mental, and spiritual “spaces” could also use some dedicated cleaning, sorting, and reorganizing!


-2- This one really hits home to me because of some current family situations, but also because we are approaching the 4th anniversary of my Mom’s passing (7-7-11) and there was some of this belated forgiving going on in her last days and hours of life.


So what are YOUR thoughts?


-1- Are you an organized person, or can you relate to this need to do some decluttering in various areas of your life?


-2- Does this one strike a chord with you, if you have unresolved conflict in your life or with other loved ones or friends?


26 thoughts on “Decluttering, Cleaning, Overcoming Procrastination, and Transforming Our Lives – July 6 Devotions

  1. We needn’t wait till our “Independence Day” weekend is past to think about de-cluttering. I, for one, have been working on de-cluttering my life, my thoughts, my heart and my spirit for decades. Very nice series of thoughts that can help others discover that there’s more to life and more to #LivingHappy as we clear the proverbial air of too much dust ๐Ÿ™‚
    Maura Sweeney recently posted..Happiness and the Inner Voice of DestinyMy Profile

  2. Oh I love this post so much. It spoke right to my heart. I’ve been in “spring cleaning” mode for the last few weeks, trying to rid my apartment of things that I just don’t need anymore and it’s such a therapeutic experience. Great post for Monday!
    Ashley recently posted..Healthy Living | Week 1: -2.5lbsMy Profile

  3. Great thought to stop being who you were and change it to be you are now. Trouble is, I prefer the younger version of myself. What? That’s not the point? Well, there comes a time in your life when you can no longer de-clutter. I’m there, although it sounds like a convenient excuse.

  4. I do believe a cluttered home or office reflects a clutters mind and I find it therapeutic to organized and clean on a regular basis. Also I do think God wants us to take care of the things we are blessed with, so I’ve really enjoyed your devotionals!
    Denise recently posted..My Thalamic Brain Bleed StrokeMy Profile

  5. I am mobilizing the forces to declutter my brain. I have far too many task going on that requires more delegation. Fortunately, decluttering can bless others with new jobs and ways to be proactive. For me, it means hiring three new people. Hopefully it is a blessing they’ve been waiting for, because it is a blessing for me to have it to offer.
    Shonda recently posted..Explore Along South Africa’s Garden RouteMy Profile

  6. I have decluttering to do both physically and spiritually. While I am organized to some extent, I hate doing routine tasks and so sometimes I neglect to do the maintenance that is necessary for a cleaner physical space and a cleaner ‘mental’ space. I guess its a bit of laziness. Thanks for reminding me that this is something I need to work on.
    Keesha recently posted..How to Gain Financial Independence as a FreelancerMy Profile

  7. In my office clutter surrounds me – but, in some ways, it’s quite comforting to me. I clean it up – but then lose some of the things I wanted to save. For me, I’m better off with some clutter around my desk – this way I know exactly where things are. But – the rest of the house needs to be clutter free.
    Eydie recently posted..Multiple Losses: Deep in GriefMy Profile

  8. My sister and I have carried past offenses against each other, and yes, there were times that we didn’t speak to one another for a few weeks. But I’m really glad that we always end up talking about it and patching up things.

  9. I have SO much to declutter but I have a 3 month old and just getting the basic chores around the house is all I get to right now. So, I’m deciding to not fret about it and soak up this time. The clutter will have to wait this time!

  10. I swear the de cluttering never ends when you have a 3 year old. Every Friday is my deep cleaning morning and every week you would think I never de cluttered before lol

  11. I am organized. And I am instantly de-cluttered. I didn’t plan it, but it’s not too bad, actually. ๐Ÿ™‚

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