Declare Your Faith with Actions AND Words – September 14 Inspiration

Declare Your Faith with Actions AND Words – September 14 Inspiration

Declare your faith with actions AND words. It’s important for us to honor our word so people can trust us and know we are reliable. However, we also need to back up our words with action. Just as we discussed in my recent “take action” post, intentions and words come up empty if we don’t support them with appropriate actions to reinforce those intentions and words.




So onto today’s inspirational thought…

“As Christians, it is important

to make a declaration of faith

with our actions

and not just with what we say

we believe in our hearts. 

People often say, ‘My heart is right,’

but people cannot read our hearts;

they can only see our actions. 

 It is important that we show,

with our actions,

what we believe in our hearts.”

–Joyce  Meyers in “New Day New You”


My reflections:


Words are powerful, but if our actions don’t align with our words, they can come across as meaningless and cause people to question our integrity. I’m reminded of Christians who have their religious bumper stickers and jewelry, but whose actions don’t give any indication of those alleged beliefs. We really need to make sure our words, actions, AND our heart beliefs all align and present a positive declaration of our faith.


So what are YOUR thoughts?


Have you ever felt as if your words and actions don’t always line up?


How did or would you correct things?




One thought on “Declare Your Faith with Actions AND Words – September 14 Inspiration

  1. The reality is, none of us are going to be completely consistent with our actions and our words. We try, but we’re not perfect. That being said, the absolute worst example of not backing your words with your actions is when I see Christians witnessing on the city streets, with homeless people all over the place, and not one of these witnesses are doing squat about feeding the poor. Funny thing is, in the Great Judgment in Matthew 25, Jesus doesn’t say word one about how many souls were saved – just how many people were taken care of.

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