Daily Activities vs. Spiritual Activities – November 2 Devotions

Daily Activities vs. Spiritual Activities – November 2 Devotions

Wow, where did this week go? We had an event occur here that has kept me away from blogging, but now I do want to catch up, because my intention was to blog every day this month and share daily gratitude posts.  I neglected to share my own from November 1st, so here are both for November 1 and 2:


November 1 Attitude of Gratitude:  I am thankful, as always, for the first day of a new month, which to me always represents the opportunity to start fresh with a blank canvas that I can create this month’s masterpiece on. Happy November 1st!


November 2 Attitude of Gratitude: I am thankful for the response from people who read this blog, Words of Encouragement. It’s nice to know what I share is a blessing to others, especially on the blog I dedicated to my Dad’s memory and his gift of encouragement…which means the blog is fulfilling its intended purpose!

So onto what would have been the devotions for November 2…


“Some Christians feel guilty

when they are doing something that isn’t ‘spiritual.’

Some how or another, they feel the need to hurry

through the grocery store, dash through the house cleaning,

and rush through all the daily aspects of life

that seem irrelevant to their faith.

They want to get back to doing something ‘spiritual’

so God will be pleased with them again.

God did not intend for you to HATE

the secular side of life.

You can enjoy HOLINESS and time with God

even when you are doing daily chores, running errands,

or taking the children somewhere they need to go.

Don’t begrudge the routine things of life;

see every activity as an opportunity

to serve God with your whole heart.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”


My reflections:

I think this is such an important thought, to remind us to enjoy life–every bit of it–because you just never know when things can change. We should thank God for His blessings on a daily basis.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Are you able to enjoy the daily aspects of your life, or do you feel some how guilty for not being “spiritual” enough at all times?


4 thoughts on “Daily Activities vs. Spiritual Activities – November 2 Devotions

  1. There are several schools of spirituality that hold that all activity can be spiritual. Celtic spirituality focuses on God being present in the totality of your life, not just your time in church or reading the Bible. St. Benedict taught that work is holy, and if we stop at certain times of the day to pray, it’s more to remind us of why we work than to make sure we do something spiritual. Assuming I learned that right.
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