1. Hi K’Lee,

    I avoid complainers as much as possible. And, my wonderful Mother raised me to believe that if you don’t like something, fix it or get used to it.

    As an adult, I’ve modeled (spirit willing) the following: Never Complain; Never Explain.

    Thoughtful post,

  2. Very relevant for me today! I feel (and have been) very badly used by various people in an offline business transaction. My instinct has been to “not let them get away with it”. But just got off the phone with my lovely, reasonable and soothing son, who has reminded me I could have been stitched up a lot more than I have been. He reckons I should swallow the bitter pill, accept that others don’t have the same business ethics that I do, and move on.

    For practical purposes I guess I have to do that, but how many times do I have to take these things laying down? Rhetorical question – I know the Bible quotation that applies here 🙂

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

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