1. Elizabeth O.

    This is heartbreaking. We’ve lost so many people to cancer. It’s a disease that I really hate. I’m glad she doesn’t feel any pain anymore and that she’s able to rest as much as she wants now. May her soul rest in peace. I offer my condolences to you and her family.

  2. So sorry. Thanks for sharing. I almost lost my dad last year due to a massive pulmonary embolism, and then again due to complications. Our relationship got a lot better when he got better, too. I think about what a blessing it is that we still have him here, every day. It made me appreciate everyone in my life more.

  3. I love your poem, Karen. I lost an old friend and colleague last year to a major cardiac arrest while he was in his bathtub undiscovered for 2 whole days and over the years, a lot of other people who I thought I would grow old with.

    Your online friend was brave and I know her daughters live on through her.

    When I lost my Dad 12 years ago, it shook the very foundations of my sense of my own mortality. Fortunately my relations with both parents has always been wonderful and I give thanks that in my last telephone call with Dad, I said ‘I love you’ which made him laugh because he said he always knew it and reciprocated it with his heart. It was spontaneous and I had a fear that it was the last time we would speak which it was because the next night I got a call from my Mom that he was gone and I was on the first flight home to support her in her grief.

    Saying I love you or apologizing doesn’t hurt, it only keeps us going when the other person is not around to hear it.
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  4. Edwin Lao

    I miss my mom so much. She past 2 years ago but still I could still remember her ways in dealing with us. Im so thankful to my mom for being a great mother to us. I miss you mom and I love you so much.

  5. april grant

    Thankfully i don’t have a friend or a family member that died recently. I can’t imagine if you doesn’t tell them how much they special.

  6. Beautiful tribute! So sorry for your loss. I lost my mom very suddenly last year. Yesterday was the first anniversary of her death. She was old but it wasn’t expected.I miss her and my dad.

  7. Yes, K’Lee, several, including a friend of 53 years, my best friend in childhood, who died in September from lung cancer (possibly 9-11 related) that went into her bones and brain. It was caught before she became symptomatic (by a virtual colonoscopy, of all things) and she battled it for nearly four years I read several of Barbara’s posts and can only wish I knew of her sooner. You wrote a beautiful tribute and I and will be mentioning both her and you in my Weekly Blog Roundup on Saturday. I am so sorry for your loss.
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  8. A beautiful poem and reminder to say I love you to those we do and I’m sorry. In Judaism around Yom Kippur usually in Sept, we say I’m sorry for things I knowingly & unknowingly did to hurt you. It is always the unknowingly that moves my heart when I say it, because that is so true. We often don’t know. Beautiful tribute.

  9. Beautiful tribute to your friend and your parents, Karen. My father was only 51 when he died of a heart attack after walking up a flight of stairs. I was only 19 and I never had a chance to really say goodbye. He did know I love him though. My mother on the other hand is approaching her 100th birthday and has gone on to stay active and engaged in life. They were born same day, same year. It’s so fascinating to hear about people’s destinies and all we can really do is to be present and to express our love to people and to come clean with people before we no longer have the opportunity. Thanks for sharing your lovely poem and your friend with us!
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  10. I’m so sorry for your loss. Their seems to be so
    Many deaths this year so far. I don’t have anyone close to me who are close to the end nor have I really had anyone close to me pass on recently but with all the passing recently it has made me realize that life is short and to enjoy the time we have with family and friends.
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