Changing and Growing, and Connecting Thoughts with Actions

Changing and Growing, and Connecting Thoughts with Actions


~~ Change and Growth ~~

–> Thoughts and Actions <–


growth mindset


I am thankful when change leads to growth! It‘s not always pleasant–think “growing pains”–but ultimately, growth is better than NO growth! We may often say we wish a baby or small child–or kitten or puppy–would stay that size forever. Yet, it’s actually an abnormality in one’s physical condition to stay the same size and NOT grow. Likewise, it’s abnormal for us to stay “as is” and not change, grow, and move forward in our lives.



So onto the inspirational thought for today…


“You must build a bridge between *thinking about* action and actually beginning to *move* in the right direction.

You must choose to grow in your relationship with your heavenly Father.

Actions must follow your choices, and these actions become the force that will turn your life around.

When we talk about change, it often sounds harsh to those listening:

‘Change your attitude.’

‘Change your tone.’

It’s true–change can be both tough and painful, but what happens to your view of change if you look at it as growth?

Growth makes you stronger.

Growth is like flowers blooming.

You gain wisdom when you grow.

Growth is a good thing.

So perhaps we should think of action and change as growth.” 

–Dr. Tim Clinton in “Turn Your Life Around”



My Reflections


Wow, what an important concept this is – build a bridge and make a connection between thoughts and actions, because we can never just stay in one place. We either move forward or backward; NOT moving means stagnation…or death! And growth requires forward motion. Consider change as equal to growth. Good thoughts!



So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Had you considered the importance of building a bridge between thoughts and actions?


Do you agree that change = growth?






2 thoughts on “Changing and Growing, and Connecting Thoughts with Actions

  1. I tend to think that change = growth. In a leadership program years ago, I heard the concept “you’re either expanding or contracting.” I’ve mostly found it to be true. I’m a high achiever, and often take on too much. So to start this year, I thought I would try to be reasonable and not take on too much. But there’s no such things as staying the same. I felt like I was shrinking. I felt like time was wasting. There’s nothing wrong with where we are today, but from my perspective, we should always be growing. Thanks for the thought!

  2. well i would agree but then what is it mean when someone says to someone you changed after he has changed the way he treated his friend ?, let me say that change mean moving from position to another BUT growth is one of the changes, so great post!

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