Celebrations, Surprises, & Blessings – June 4 Inspiration

Celebrations, Surprises, & Blessings – June 4 Inspiration


Made you look, right? ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m varying slightly from my usual format because today is a special day: my youngest daughter and son-in-law’s 5th anniversary!


Joy and Cory's Wedding, 6-4-2011. L to R: My hubby Dave, me, Joy, Cory, and my other daughters, Shara and Jen.
Joy and Cory’s Wedding, 6-4-2011.ย ย  L to R: My hubby Dave, me, Joy, Cory, and my other daughters, Shara and Jen.


Their love story actually began when they were younger kids, when they first met and liked each other (“puppy love” stage).ย  They eventually went their separate ways for awhile, but then got back together as teenagers. They never split up after that and then got married 5 years ago. They have since welcomed two adorable daughters into the family, my dear granddaughters, Chloe and Ava.


My cutie granddaughters, Chloe and Ava.
My cutie granddaughters, Chloe and Ava.

Cory surprised Joy with a weekend away to an undisclosed location (I haven’t heard yet where they went, either!), but they attended a special mass at their church today, during which they renewed their wedding vows. Unfortunately, Dave and I couldn’t be there (out of state and we’re having car problems), but I heard it went really well, so that’s a blessing.


Speaking of blessings, they typically involve enjoyment, something we should regularly have in our lives. On that note, here’s your inspiration for this Saturday…


“Jesus actually said,

‘I came that you might have

and enjoy your life’

(see John 10:10).

We need enjoyment.

Without it, life is unbalanced,

and a door is opened for Satan

to devour us (see 1 Peter 5:8).ย 

The joy of the Lord

is our strength (see Ecclesiastes 3:1-8).

Make sure you are not denying

your legitimate needs.

It is good to help others;

as Christians, it is our call.

But it is not wrong

to do things for ourselves.

Be sure you take time for yourself.

Take time to do things you enjoy.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You”


My reflections:

This is such a good reminder, because I know I tend to feel guilty if I take too many breaks or enjoy myself too often when I have so many things to do!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you regularly take time out to enjoy yourself?

Does focusing on yourself make you feel guilty or do you agree that you need to take care of legitimate self-needs?




18 thoughts on “Celebrations, Surprises, & Blessings – June 4 Inspiration

  1. Nice post Karen,I too met my wife when we were at school, we got together as teenagers and have been together for 34 years, married for 29 of them, they said it would never work!! I’m a great fan of taking time out for yourself, whenever i read something of this vain I always think of the safety announcements on aircraft, ” In the event of de-pressurisation, put your mask on first, before attempting to help others” If we don’t look after ourseves we are no use to others.

  2. I can honestly say I do not take too much time out for myself. I have 5 kids so they take up a good amount of time, even if it is just in regards to the day to day stuff. I have been told, and know alot of others, that take time for themselves but I figure once they are all grown and gone I will have plenty of time for myself then.

  3. Lovely post, Karen, you are blessed indeed, the girls are so adorable! I have 4 homeschooling kids, me time isn’t always easy but it happens. I do read everynight before bed, so that’s a definite me time!

  4. How lovely is this! I love that they were able to find each other again. I’m sure the celebration was lovely. Their kids are really beautiful and it’s nice to know that they are very happy and in love.

  5. Wow, what a blessed family you have. The wedding looked nice, and the bride looks beautiful. Your granddaughters are adorable, and I bet they are a joy! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I’m guilty of not taking time for myself! I keep
    Telling myself that me time is important, but yeah maybe tomorrow I will get better at it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I have learned to take time for myself. It is really difficult for women to actually act on this concept. At the same time, it is necessary for women to take time for themselves.

  8. love the story this saturday june 111th my daughter will marry his highschool sweet heart like your kids they splith their ways and found each other again Loved your story

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