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Celebrating 10-Year Anniversary – February 11 Reflections


Hubby Dave and I celebrated 10 years of marriage yesterday, on February 11th. We have been together for 13 years after meeting through online dating, but we spent 3 years together to make sure this was the “real thing” before getting married on February 11, 2006.


Dave and me, after our wedding ceremony at his dad's house.
Dave and me, after our wedding ceremony at his dad’s house.

We had a small, cozy family and friends ceremony at Dave’s dad’s and step-mom’s house in Lewiston (next town over from ours).

I’m thankful God has brought us through good times and bad, over and around the ups and downs, and never left us nor forsaken us.

I am thankful for a husband who loves me and accepts me, flaws and all, who stays committed to me and who is willing to even move to New Hampshire (back to NH for me) so I can be near my adult kids who still live there – and to my grandchildren who have come along in the past few years!

Dave also had flowers delivered to me.


Flowers for our 10th anniversary.
Flowers for our 10th anniversary.


We went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant last night. On the way there, Dave told me he had a confession. He said he was a flower delivery “virgin,” because he had never arranged to deliver flowers to a woman in his past. So it made this flower arrangement even more special for our 10th anniversary! (He HAS brought flowers home many times over these 13 years, but never had them delivered before!)


Do you have any special events this month, other than Valentine’s Day?

What are your favorite things to do when celebrating special events?


  1. Elizabeth O.

    Congratulations and happy anniversary, I can sense the happiness and the love through this post. I hope for more years for you and it’s always nice to be able to spend the rest of your life with someone who understands and cares for you.

    13 . Feb . 2016
  2. tara pittman

    Happy anniversary! Here is to many more years of joy.

    13 . Feb . 2016
  3. Betsy @ Happily Ever After, Etc.

    A flower delivery virgin! Priceless! He did very well… the little teddy bear is adorable! Congratulations!

    13 . Feb . 2016
  4. Top5life

    Aww..that’s so sweet. Congratulations to the happy couple. Wish you a very happy married life

    13 . Feb . 2016
  5. Eugenia

    Wish you a wonderful and long life together on your anniversary! Happy anniversary!

    13 . Feb . 2016
  6. Arianne Adams

    What a sweet post. Congrats on your marriage I’m so glad that you are in the 10 years of marriage.

    13 . Feb . 2016
  7. Claudette

    Congratulations to you both and I wish you 10 more wonderful years ahead!

    13 . Feb . 2016
  8. Michelle

    Congratulations on 13 years!! I am looking forward to my Mom coming to visit so we can do some Oscar related activities together.

    13 . Feb . 2016
  9. Patricia

    Happy 10 year anniversary! We did the same thing. We’ll have been married for 7 years this July but have been together for 10 years this past January.

    14 . Feb . 2016
  10. Lexie Lane

    Wow! Congratulations to you! Godbless you always. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    14 . Feb . 2016
  11. OurFamilyWorld

    Happy Anniversary to you and Dave! I love the quote. It’s so true that it doesn’t matter how strong you started. What’s important is your ability to hold on and your mental and emotional conditioning to finish the race.

    14 . Feb . 2016
  12. Amy Jones

    Happy anniversary to the happy couple! You look adorable in your pics and you can definitely see the love

    14 . Feb . 2016
  13. Carol Cassara

    Happy happy! You know, the marathon is exactly right. The big picture, the long view. Many more to you!

    14 . Feb . 2016
  14. Tamason Gamble

    Congraulations and happy anniversary!

    15 . Feb . 2016
  15. Ashley

    Awwww, so sweet!!! It sounds like you two have a wonderful relationship after all these years. Congrats and happy anniversary!!!

    16 . Feb . 2016
  16. Jennifer Corter

    Congrats on your ten year anniversary! That’s awesome!

    19 . Feb . 2016

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