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Cast Your Cares Because He Cares for You – March 16 Inspiration


Cast your cares because He cares for you. Sometimes this is easier said than done. We tend to want to hang on to our “cares” and problems, perhaps feeling like if we let go, we are not in control. But I think that’s the point: we need to recognize when we’re struggling and overwhelmed, we really are NOT in control and need to allow God to take the reins, because He truly cares for us and knows best how to resolve our problems. It really is NOT our “job” to worry!




Here is your midweek inspiration…



“Do you know God wants to take care of you?

It’s true. He wants you to give Him

all your cares, your problems, your failures–

and in exchange, He will give you beauty.

Many people want God to take care of them,

but they continue worrying

or trying to figure out the answers

to their problems instead of waiting

for His direction.

It’s a great privilege to be cared for

by the King of kings,

so give up your worries and concerns to Him

and enjoy His protection,

stability, and fullness of joy.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My reflections:

I just really needed to read this today! I was feeling especially overwhelmed and discouraged, and then I read this devotional! It was like a personal word from God!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you find it easy or difficult to “let go and let God” be in control?

Have you ever experienced the peace that comes from casting your cares on God instead of trying to carry them yourself?




  1. Amy Jones

    I always try to handle everything on my own, but sometimes is good to feel god’s presence helping you out.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  2. Melisa

    I’ve always had problems letting things go. I tend to bottle everything up and let it eat at me. I know it isn’t healthy, but it just can’t let go sometimes. On the occasions that I’ve given it over to God, I’ve found complete peace in doing so.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  3. Heather

    Thanks for the midweek inspiration! 🙂

    17 . Mar . 2016
  4. Tamuria

    It is hard to let go sometimes but it really feels better when you trust that things will work out the way they are supposed to.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  5. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    This is something that I have learned to accept in my life. I cannot worry about things because HE is there for me and HE will not forsake me.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  6. michelle

    i think it is hard to cast our cares on the Lord because it is human nature to take care of things ourself. but when i am feeling overwhelmed i always pray and put things in Gods hands

    17 . Mar . 2016
  7. Elizabeth O.

    I love this, it’s definitely challenging to let go of some things in lie, especially if we once held it so dear. But things change and we sometimes have to let go even if we’re not yet ready to.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  8. Doran @ Haute Beauty Guide

    Thank you for the amazing weekly inspiration! Such beautiful words.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  9. Ana De- Jesus

    I am not religious but yes I do hold myself back sometimes and have problems with letting go.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  10. Robyn

    Very inspirational Karen. Thanks so much for sharing.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  11. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I never let go of anything. I am the only one in control of what happens in my life.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  12. Terri

    I love this! I agree it’s hard to let go sometimes, but it something I have been working towards.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  13. heather@swellcondition

    Your post reminds me of the quote, “We are reluctant to let go of the belief that if I am to care for something I must control it.”

    17 . Mar . 2016
  14. Jeannette

    This is such a great reminder! I’m generally pretty good at letting go but there are a few areas I struggle with. I’m working on it though.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  15. Natasha Mairs

    I do find it hard to let go, but doing so does help and make you feel better

    17 . Mar . 2016
  16. Garth Delikan

    Wise words and probably what I needed to hear today, Thank you!

    17 . Mar . 2016
  17. Vatsala Shukla

    I believe that God helps those who help themselves, Karen. When things get tough, I say a prayer and act on the first thought that comes to my mind. It is always the right action.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  18. Roslyn Tanner Evans

    I use conversations with friends to help me deal with issues. I also follow other paths.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  19. Shaylee

    I have a hard time with this one. I like to be in control so it’s hard for me to just let go sometimes. I’m trying to do it more and more!

    17 . Mar . 2016
  20. Delia

    There’s a thin line between trying to control things and letting go. Many times you’re not sure when to stop.

    Say for a goal that I have, I usually do my best with everything that stays in my power, and then I get busy doing something else. Many times that not things then get resolved by themselves!

    17 . Mar . 2016
  21. Ann Bacciaglia

    Thanks for the terrific Inspiration. I try to end each day thinking of all the blessings i have on my life.

    17 . Mar . 2016
  22. Mardene Carr

    Sadly we try to take care of too much on our own…even though God has told us to cast ALL our cares on Him..

    17 . Mar . 2016
  23. Liz Mays

    Sometimes I do forget to let go and let God, but when I do I feel a heck of a lot better.

    18 . Mar . 2016
  24. Colette S

    I do struggle with letting go. Seems I walk around with the burdens in my heart. Especially when it comes to family.
    I am learning though to pray and wait.

    18 . Mar . 2016
  25. Ana Fernandez

    Somedoby once told me something like “Pray like it all depends on God, and act like it all depends on you”… (or something like that haha) but it really makes me feel better

    18 . Mar . 2016
  26. Yonca

    Very inspiring! It is hard but whenever i did let go, made me feel much better.

    19 . Mar . 2016
  27. Eileen

    work to let things go. I try to be open and realize we all make mistakes

    20 . Mar . 2016
  28. Jojo Vito

    Thank you for this post…I agree letting go isn;t easy, but its necessary…:)

    20 . Mar . 2016
  29. Lawrence

    I have my struggles with this myself. Not in believing that he cares for me, but believing that I’m worth that. Especially with major mistakes.

    20 . Mar . 2016
  30. Kiwi

    Letting go can be hard at first…but its neccessary sometimes. We hold onto memories thats why its hard to let go because we replay good time but if the present is hurtul and not going in a good direction let go.

    21 . Mar . 2016

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