1. “Have you ever pondered the possibility? If we are confident about something – do we experience negativity?”
    You are right everything depends on circumstance.

    Do you agree that confidence and negativity cannot co-exist? I agree!

  2. I think people often mistake realism or practicality as negativity. Part of the reason for this is that society as a whole trends toward unfettered optimism in some areas, whereas it trends towards unfettered negativity in others. For example: Personal future and politics, respectively.

    I see this explained in the approach that the majority of people have to these separate topics. For instance, because politics is generally seen in a negative light, people naturally tend to expect others to speak negatively about it. Conversely, one’s subjective future is generally seen in a positive light by the individual, and thus folks trend more often towards positivity when discussing hopes, plans, and dreams for the future.

    In my opinion this is why, when someone takes a realistic or practical view on any subject, that they inevitably are declared to be overly negative or positive about that given topic of conversation.

    So what has this got to do with the article? Well… I felt it was necessary to explain these points before I stated that I feel it is entirely possible to be both confident and negative- IF a practical or realistic outlook is being defined as “negative.”

    Great article!

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