Busy Weekend Catch-Up Post — December 4-7

Busy Weekend Catch-Up Post — December 4-7

Yes, it happened again– “it” being “life” as in “life is what happens when you’re making other plans!”  or, life events that happened to prevent me from blogging daily!


Friday, I was out and about (a treat for me, since we only have one car and I’m stranded all week while hubby Dave uses the car for work) doing errands and grocery shopping, AND preparing for…


Saturday, when Dave and I went to New Hampshire to visit my youngest daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughters. My daughter, a budding photographer, also took pictures of us with our pups.


Sunday, Dave and I went shopping together, did some decorating for Christmas, and just enjoyed a relaxing day after 6 hours of travel on Saturday.


Today, Monday, has been a busy but mostly peaceful day with Christmas music playing, more decorating, and odds and ends of other tasks.



So here are “catch-up” devotional thoughts for December 4-6, plus today’s:


“If we struggle with why God isn’t blessing us,

it may be because God has already told us

the things we need to do to get our lives in order

and to receive radical blessings.

We really don’t need to complain about doing what God

tells us to do because anything that He tells us to do,

He gives us the ability to do.

The problem may be that we just haven’t done

what He has told us to do.

Perhaps more than ever we need to get up

and get going.

Sometimes we have to go through in obedience

and just keep moving forward.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”  [Dec. 4]


“We are all eager for our situations

and relationships to change,

but nothing will change in our lives

without knowledge of God’s Word (see Hosea 4:6).

Change comes through prayer,

and then through waiting patiently on God.

While we are waiting for God

to solve our problems,

we are not to complain to everybody else

about our situation.

God tells us to trust Him.

He is faithful to rescue us from all our troubles.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Days Right” [Dec. 5]


“Faith is deposited in the spirit.

Faith is a force that comes out of the spirit,

and it can accomplish great things,

but faith must be released to be of value.

If you have faith in your heart to step out and do something,

but begin to take counsel with your mind,

 then negative, doubtful, and unbelieving thoughts

can talk you right out

of what faith is telling you.

If your head believes the opposite

of what our spirit is telling you,

you must go deeper…

leave the shallow places of your own soul…

and do what you know deep down inside.”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”  [Dec. 6]


“Occasionally, we see what I call ‘shooting stars,’

people who quickly rise to the top of their professions

without going through all the difficult early days,

but they normally don’t last too long.

They come out of nowhere

and disappear just as quickly.

Character is developed during  difficult times.

Our calls and desires are tested  when we are told no,

time after time, and still remain determined.

Only determined people succeed.

Just because we take a step of faith

does not mean we will avoid the rest of the process.

God usually builds slow and solid,

not fast and fragile.”

–Joyce Meyer in “New Day New You” [Dec. 7]


My reflections:

My primary take-aways from these four devotions: Don’t complain about how life is going if I’m not doing what God told me to do in the first place; don’t complain, but instead, wait patiently; leave the soul’s shallow places and release my faith; and take a step of faith while allowing character to be developed.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

How was YOUR weekend? What are your favorite or most meaningful parts of these devotionals?


Give yourself the gift of peace this holiday season!


23 thoughts on “Busy Weekend Catch-Up Post — December 4-7

  1. I definitely love the message! It’s very motivating. It’s never healthy to complain about life, just go with the flow and deal with what you can control.

  2. “Character is developed during difficult times” spoke to me today. December is going to be a difficult time for many in our country, as we face challenges. That includes me and several other people I know.
    Alana recently posted..Tuesday MiraclesMy Profile

  3. Hi Karen,

    How wonderful you had a chance to spend time with your family. How is your grandbaby doing?

    Christmas time is usually a hectic time around my house too, so I totally get that you didn’t have time to create a post.

    I’ve not been posting every week like I should. It always seems as if there is something else calling for my attention. I’m hoping things change in the new year.

    – Bonnie
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..7 Ways for a Blogger to Turn Missed Opportunities into Profitable SalesMy Profile

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