1. For me yesterday is the past and my first thought in the morning after my prayer even before I get out of bed is to thank God for the new day which is the beginning of the rest of my Life.

    I find it difficult to hold on to grudges because it feels so heavy! Having said that, I do forgive but am more careful in the future when dealing with the people who hurt me. I’m human. 🙂
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  2. Lesa

    I think it’s important to remind ourselves that life isn’t about being perfect… it’s about making mistakes and learning from them.

    I often remind my clients who are struggling with mastering a new skill to think about how we talk to children who are learning to walk. Do we criticize them because they didn’t make it across the room on their first try? NO! We smile and clap at their initial effort, no matter the result.

    This is how we learn. By trying and failing. The more gentle you can be with yourself over the missteps you make on the way to your success, the more gentle you can be with others.

  3. So many people get caught up in the past (often not even consciously) and keep creating the same future they are wanting to leave behind. Learning how to step back and objectively see our lives moment by moment and day by day, offers an opportunity to constantly be creating and recreating our lives. Leaving the past in the past is something very worth practicing, as it gives us the chance to start each day anew, from a place of wonder and awe.
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  4. A friend led me to a transformational program 20 years ago. One of the foundational tools we worked on was leaving the past in the past. Often the real problem is the added meaning we give to the past & let it run our lives. Sometimes referred to as a victims mentality, unaware by us. Once we recognize when the past is running the show, we can put it right back & create our present & future.

  5. Tomorrow is always fresh and free of mistakes – that’s what I’m trying to think when there was a hard day…
    As to the shaking off the past… I am trying to hold only to good memories, and get over the bad… sometimes it works 😉

  6. I love the quote – don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday is the best advice. Yes, breaking free of the past is really important if you want to move on.I agree, positivity is definitely the key to happiness.

  7. Elizabeth O.

    I agree. The past is in the past, we should learn from it, cherish but always leave it in the past. We can’t live our lives with fear from what happened before.

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