Belated Happy 2018 – Time to Drop Those Burdens from 2017!

Belated Happy 2018 – Time to Drop Those Burdens from 2017!

Belated Happy New Year 2018 …

Don’t Carry Your 2017 Burdens into 2018!




Phew, I’ve been away for awhile, dealing with illness and other obligations, and THEN the holidays! Please pardon my absence, especially those who read and subscribe to my blog! I’m working toward getting back into blogging now and hope to pick up the pace as this first month of 2018 progresses. I do hope you all enjoyed the holidays and I hope you are ready to tackle this new year with a renewed sense of purpose.



So maybe one of the first tasks to start this second week of the new year is to let go of the burdens weighing you down and let God carry them instead!  I originally shared this on Facebook years ago around New Year’s Day, about setting down the luggage or baggage (burdens), and letting go. Still seems fitting to contemplate any time of any year, especially if you’re feeling weighed down with troubles and concerns.


Haven’t you been known to pick up a few bags? Odds are, you did this morning. Somewhere between the first step on the floor and the last step out the door, you grabbed some luggage. You stepped over to the baggage carousel and loaded up. Don’t remember doing so? That’s because you did it without thinking.


Don’t remember seeing a baggage terminal? That’s because the carousel is not the one in the airport; it’s the one in the mind. And the bags we grab are not made of leather; they’re made of burdens.


The suitcase of guilt. A sack of discontent. You drape a duffel bag of weariness on one shoulder and a hanging bag of grief on the other. Add on a backpack of doubt, an overnight bag of loneliness, and a trunk of fear. Pretty soon, you’re pulling more stuff than a skycap. No wonder you’re so tired at the end of the day. Lugging luggage is exhausting.


What about your soul? When your heart is hungry, when your dreams are thirsty, when your spirit has run dry. Where do you turn? I’d like to urge you to turn to your Shepherd.


If you let Him, your Shepherd will refresh your spirit by lightening your load–by releasing you from the burdens you were never intended to bear: burdens of worry, guilt, hopelessness, fear, shame, doubt, loneliness….the burdens of life.


God is saying to you, ‘Set that stuff down! You’re carrying burdens you don’t need to bear. Come to me, ‘ He invites, ‘all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest’ (Matthew 11:28).


If we let Him, God will lighten our loads.


–Max Lucado in “Traveling Light



Bonus inspiration the excerpt above reminded me of this poem…


You Never Did Let Go

As children bring their broken toys
with tears for us to mend,

I brought my broken dreams to God,
because He was my Friend.

But then, instead of leaving Him
in peace to work alone,

I hung around and tried to help
with ways that were my own.

At last I snatched them back and cried,
“How can You be so slow?”

“My child,” He said, “what could I do?
You never did let go.”

–Author Unknown


My Reflections


There is so much to ponder in this excerpt by Max Lucado and in the poem. I’m not sure if it’s the tendency to want to manage things ourselves, or to stay in control, but setting down that baggage and letting go of things we can’t do anything about, seem to be monumental tasks sometimes.


These two excellent reminders really make me want to put more effort into setting down and letting go of excess and clutter–in many areas of life.


So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Can you relate to these two inspirational thoughts?


Do you find it easy or challenging to set down baggage and let go of things?









28 thoughts on “Belated Happy 2018 – Time to Drop Those Burdens from 2017!

  1. This is exactly what I needed entering into 2018. I have been trying to move past the heavy burdens of the past year & your examples are a great encouragement to let go & give them over to God.

  2. Oh no hope you are recovered from your illness now fingers crossed? I find it hard to let go of the past sometimes but it is something that I have been working on and I hope to be better at in due course x

  3. Letting go can definitely be hard for me at times and this is a great reminder to try and do so, particularly now that the new year has given us a chance at a fresh start.

  4. How beautifully have you narrated the burden of guilt, displeasure , loneliness, grief we carry in ur daily lives and feel exhausted. Indeed how can our souls be happy that way? We need to drop off, enjoy small moments, start our lives afresh. I’m sure 2018 will bring many positive changes in me.

  5. My goal for 2018 is to focus more on myself, and part of that is not overworking myself. I felt the burden to do it all, and it was so overwhelming.

  6. I completely agree. 2017 was probably a tough year for us all, but 2018 is sure to bring many blessings as long as we keep both of these inspirational quotes in mind. My goal for 2018 is to focus on myself and catering to the things that need to be done to advance myself being that I spent most of last year taking care of others.

  7. I hope that you are off to a better 2018 than last year! I needed these words, and plan on working hard this year to let go. I’ve been carrying so much around for so long and need to let go and let God.

  8. Letting go of things is difficult. This year I have planned on reading more including self-improvement books and listen to podcasts. I think it is important to let go of things at times as this allows you to move on with life. Wishing you a wonderful 2018!

  9. This is absolutely true! It’s hard sometimes to let go and move on from the things we still wanted to be part of. But we have to let it go and start another new things. Life is about learning from time to time. Thanks for sharing this post!

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