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Beginning Again with a Fresh Start – June 2 Inspiration


Beginning again with a fresh start. Even as I “upcycle” some older posts, I’m finding them just as refreshing and motivational as they were the first time around. This beginning again is especially relevant right now for my goal of daily blogging.  I think sometimes we lose heart once we have messed something up–whether it’s a New Year’s resolution, a diet, a bad habit we tried to break, or a new good habit or lifestyle change we are trying to establish–then we feel like we have failed miserably and we lose the motivation to try again.


But instead of giving up–or waiting for a new week, month, or year to start over or try again–we should just make that new attempt and fresh start NOW. Today. As the expression goes, no time like the PRESENT! It’s especially fitting today, since I didn’t start posting again on June 1st, as I had hoped, but today I’m posting twice to make up for it!




So here is your inspiration for this Thursday, the second day of June…


“Are you doing what you really believe

you should be doing at this stage in your life,

or have you allowed fear and a lack of confidence

to prevent you from stepping out into new things–

or higher levels of old things?

If you don’t like your answer,

then let me give you some good news:

it’s never too late to start again!

Don’t spend one more day living a narrow life

that has room for only you and your fears.

Make a decision right now

that you will learn to live

boldly, aggressively, and confidently.

Courage is not the absence of fear;

it is acting in the presence of fear.

Bold people do what they know they should do–

not what they feel like doing.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

This devotional is especially inspirational for me due to some recent events in the area of freelance work opportunities and my doctoral journey, as well as blogging, sewing, and exercising.

Also, I’m one who gets hung up with feeling frustrated and defeated when I don’t accomplish all I planned to do or thought I should do. This devotional is one I ought to print out and post on the wall above my desk!


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Have you recently taken some steps forward into new things or new ways of doing old things better?

Or are you dealing with frustration and fear about taking necessary steps to make changes?




  1. Lisa

    Impeccable timing that I would come to your blog today. You see I have fallen off my health goals wagon and am having a hard time finding my way back. Looking for a magical ‘day’ (1st of the month; 1st day of the week etc.), instead of starting again NOW! As they say – there is no time like the present right? So even if I JUST had a piece of candy (which as you may guess is NOT on my ‘ok to eat’ list), I can get right back on schedule NOW and make better choices from here on. Love that!

    02 . Jun . 2016
  2. Nellwyn

    I also get really frustrated or angry with myself if I don’t accomplish everything I set out to do in a day. But you’re right– instead of giving up or dwelling on the frustration we simply have to resolve to do better tomorrow.

    Nellwyn |

    02 . Jun . 2016
  3. Andrea B.

    I love this post. It’s so true. There is no better time – we can do whatever we want whenever we want. Thank you for the important reminder.

    02 . Jun . 2016
  4. Julia

    That is a great post!

    I’ve got a forced new beginning coming up as I finished uni last week and am now searching for a job, possibly on a new town (or even country). And I’m quite scared, but also excited. I just hope I’ll find something good and everything will be fine.

    02 . Jun . 2016
  5. Ashley Winters

    I believe I am working from home and that is right where God wants me to be. He always provides just enough every week to live comfortably:P Love my life. Thanks for the encouragement

    02 . Jun . 2016
  6. Elizabeth O.

    That’s such a motivating post, it’s really just what I needed for today. There’s really no perfect time to start doing things, we can just start right away.

    02 . Jun . 2016
  7. Elizabeth O

    Having the opportunity to start afresh is very empowering and a special gift. We’ve all been at places in our lives where we needed to start over and having the chance is fantastic.

    03 . Jun . 2016
  8. Tanisha

    Love this article of encouragement…. everyday is a new day to get things right

    03 . Jun . 2016
  9. Shannon Peterson

    This is one thing I’m really trying to do as well! Live in the NOW more!

    03 . Jun . 2016
  10. She Joh

    Great article and I love all the inspirational quotes in your post!

    03 . Jun . 2016
  11. Nicole Escat

    I love to see an encouraging post! Thanks for sharing this, starting over again is a good choice.

    04 . Jun . 2016
  12. Beauty that walks

    I’m still trying to recreate my blog after changing it’s name. It is a lot of content to edit but I’m doing it day by day…

    06 . Jun . 2016

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