1. Impeccable timing that I would come to your blog today. You see I have fallen off my health goals wagon and am having a hard time finding my way back. Looking for a magical ‘day’ (1st of the month; 1st day of the week etc.), instead of starting again NOW! As they say – there is no time like the present right? So even if I JUST had a piece of candy (which as you may guess is NOT on my ‘ok to eat’ list), I can get right back on schedule NOW and make better choices from here on. Love that!

  2. I love this post. It’s so true. There is no better time – we can do whatever we want whenever we want. Thank you for the important reminder.

  3. That is a great post!

    I’ve got a forced new beginning coming up as I finished uni last week and am now searching for a job, possibly on a new town (or even country). And I’m quite scared, but also excited. I just hope I’ll find something good and everything will be fine.

  4. I believe I am working from home and that is right where God wants me to be. He always provides just enough every week to live comfortably:P Love my life. Thanks for the encouragement

  5. Elizabeth O.

    That’s such a motivating post, it’s really just what I needed for today. There’s really no perfect time to start doing things, we can just start right away.

  6. Elizabeth O

    Having the opportunity to start afresh is very empowering and a special gift. We’ve all been at places in our lives where we needed to start over and having the chance is fantastic.

  7. Nicole Escat

    I love to see an encouraging post! Thanks for sharing this, starting over again is a good choice.

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