1. Thank you so much for mentioning my comments and a link to my blog, The Alphabet of Happiness. When I read your posts, I resonate with everything you mention. We”re on the same page, for sure!

  2. I do believe we tend to lean negative. It seems easier, I guess. I am working on a similar post for next week about how our words influence others. People just don’t seem to care these days. They’re always in a rush and a huff.

  3. We most certainly do focus on the negative rather than the positive! Friends get together and talk about their poor health or needing to lose weight or job problems. “How are you?” is a door opener that invites complaints. I make it a point to say “Fine and dandy,” even if people laugh at me. Though I said it yesterday on a conference call and my colleague actually said she liked hearing that because it reminded her of her mom. 🙂
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