1. Thanks for sharing this. I needed it. It’s too easy to get stuck in a rut. But then when you’re stuck you can call the Tow Truck to get you out – the Triple A – Adonai Always Available to help. Blessings and have a great 4th.
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  2. I’ve gone through periods of stagnation in the past, and made some big life changes to pull myself out. These days I’m thankful that there are too many fun and interesting things happening for me to stagnate!
    Laurel Regan recently posted..Photo Friday: RedMy Profile

  3. Often – more often than I want – I feel that I’m on a hamster wheel, and I just can’t get off! I spin my brain around trying to make my business(s) grow, but the more I spin the faster the wheel turns and I still haven’t gotten anywhere.

    A few months ago I decided to just give up. I threw my hands in the air and with tears rolling down my cheeks I shouted, “I’ve had enough – I’m going to stop the madness”. The moment I released myself from the spinning – I began to get calls. All of a sudden, everyone needed a web site designed…and they called!!!

    I think the key is to relax and let go of the stress of the NEED!
    Eydie recently posted..Resolving Grief by Connecting to OthersMy Profile

  4. I feel that way a lot as a parent. I feel often like I’m stuff in the never ending battle between dishes and laundry and all the things in between is repetative who I’m never listened to, especially with the kids, “stop hitting your brother, don’t like the floor, no you can’t go outside in your underwear, did you really just make a trail of mud through the house after I just mopped. I feel mostly like a maid…so yes a lot of the times I feel like life is stagnant. But there’s really nothing I can really do about it but try to change my mind about it all.

  5. It is so easy to give up, especially with my business. This week was one of those days, however I prayed several times that day. I ask God to give me the strength and I pushed through it. I cried, prayed and gave myself permission to take a break for the day. I woke up the next day and felt refreshed.

  6. Elizabeth O.

    Yes, I have felt that way. Then, one day I just realized that this couldn’t go on and I had to do something. So, I worked on changing my mindset and everything started to fall in their places.

  7. You are so right. We already know that we don’t want the slimy green pond with stagnant water in it, yet we allow ourselves to stay there. This happens to most if us a lot of times.

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