Avoiding Comparisons and Simplifying Our Lives – March 14 Inspiration

Avoiding Comparisons and Simplifying Our Lives – March 14 Inspiration

Avoiding comparisons and simplifying our lives. Sounds like a good combination! Often we add possessions or obligations to our lives when we get caught up in keeping up with others we compare ourselves to–yet those decisions tend to complicate and clutter our lives. We would be better off NOT comparing ourselves to others, and instead, being content with what we have and who we are. Doing so would then simplify and declutter our lives by removing unnecessary possessions as well as eliminating stress.



Here’s your inspiration for this Monday, 3/14 – Happy Pi Day!


“The world consistently gives us the impression

that we need to be something other than what we are.

A confident woman avoids comparisons.

Confidence is not possible as long as we compare ourselves

with other people. No matter how good we look,

how talented or smartwe are, or how successful we are,

there is always someone who is better,

 and sooner or later we will run into  her.

I believe confidence is found in doing the best we can

with what we have to work with

and not in comparing ourselves

with others and competing with them.

Our joy should NOT be found in being better than others,

but in being the best we can be.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


“There seems to be a great lack of simplicity in society today…

Somehow life gets so complicated, it eventually drain you

of energy and produces frustration and fatigue.

The answer for the modern problem of multiplicity

is a return to simplicity.

In our modern society, we think that more is always better.

But the writer of Ecclesiastes (see Ec. 5:11-12) warns that

the more your goods increase,

the more complicated your life becomes.

Instead of making everything so difficult,

why don’t you decide to simplify your life

and enjoy the rest and satisfaction

that comes through following God’s plan?”

–Joyce Meyer in “Ending Your Day Right”


My reflections:

I read both of these devotionals today and instantly thought about this connection that can exist between comparing ourselves to others, and how it can in turn complicate our lives. It would certainly be easier and simpler to break that habit of comparison, and be content with who we are and what we have.


So what are YOUR thoughts?

Do you ever fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others?

Do you believe decluttering and simplifying your life can make it more peaceful and satisfying?



31 thoughts on “Avoiding Comparisons and Simplifying Our Lives – March 14 Inspiration

  1. Amen! I’m in the midst of a literal declutter as we prepare to move into a smaller place, and have been chagrined at all the “stuff” we acquired–much of it because it was the latest popular whatever and not because it really enriched our lives in any way. With every trip to the dump/recycling/consignment/Salvation Army, I feel lighter and less encumbered–and aim to stay that way! Thanks for the affirmation.

  2. I like the saying “taking things like a grain of salt”. I equate this to the idea of comparing. I think all of us do it, but it’s usually better to do it on a surface level only and not take things too seriously. Ofcourse, it’s always easier said than done. 🙂

  3. I have learned this the hard way. Comparing yourself or your life with others will never do you any good. It needs to stop so you can be your own person!

  4. I agree that decluttering and simplifying my life will help. Every time I clean out a drawer, a closet – anywhere really, I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders.

  5. I never compare myself to anyone because most of the time it makes people feel bad about themselves and I don’t like that.

  6. I never compare myself to anyone because most of the time it makes people feel bad about themselves and I don’t like that.

  7. That is so true. We compare ourselves to others and whine about what we don’t have when we could be happy with ourselves and what we do have. You are right on the money with this post!

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