Avoid Stagnation – Keep Flowing – September 13 Inspiration

Avoid Stagnation – Keep Flowing – September 13 Inspiration

Avoid stagnation. Keep flowing!  Have you ever felt as if you’re spinning your wheels, but going nowhere? I was reminded of this analogy when hubby was watching F1 qualifying one day and one of the racers went off the track into a gravel pit. The faster he revved his motor and spun his wheels to get out of the gravel, the deeper he sunk in until he couldn’t move.


Life can be like that sometimes. An old friend of my parents used to say, “The faster I go, the ‘behinder’ I get.” We either go so fast, we wear ourselves out, or we don’t go fast enough, procrastinate, and spend our lives trying to catch up…or we just fall into a lull and stagnate. And that’s a dangerous place to stay for too long.


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So onto today’s inspirational thoughts…


“Have you ever seen a puddle of water

that is stagnant?

There’s no circulation, no fresh water source,

and the water just sits there.

If left over time,

and the sun doesn’t evaporate it first,

bacteria can form and the water can turn green.

There’s little life left.


We can slide into stagnation.

It happens a little bit at a time

and often so slowly that it is almost imperceptible.

Once life was exciting,

and then it seems that suddenly we find ourselves

with what the world calls a ‘midlife crisis.’

We stop being daring, doing outrageous things,

and being creative.

We settle in and  conform to what people expect.


I believe everyone will stagnate

if they don’t fight back.

It is easy to just float along with everyone else

doing the same thing every day.

Only rare individuals are willing to swim upstream

when it would be so easy to float downstream

with everyone else.


One of the most valuable things I have learned

is that there are many things

I must do ‘on purpose.’

I can’t wait to feel like doing them.

Swim upstream when necessary.


Pray: Lord, I don’t want to become like the Dead Sea,

taking in but never giving out.

Cause me to rise up today with wings like an eagle

and to walk with the vibrancy of new life

that is of Your Spirit. Amen.”


–Joyce Meyers in “The Confident Woman Devotional”



My reflections:


Yuck, right? The slimy green pond with stagnant water in it–we know this is a condition we don’t want in our lives! Yet it’s amazing how many times we allow fear, self-pity, poor self-image, indecision, lack of motivation, procrastination, inability or unwillingness to prioritize our priorities, and numerous other things, to stop us in our tracks.


Instead of moving forward, we fall backward–or we just stay still and stagnate! Even a baby step forward toward pursuing our purpose is better than allowing our lives to become stale, stagnant, and full of dead leaves and other debris!


I think some  “de-cluttering” might just be part of the process of pursuing our purpose in life!



So what are YOUR thoughts?


Do you feel like your life is stagnant?


What would it take to get the current flowing again?




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