Attitude of Gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

Do you have an attitude of gratitude?

Here we are – November already – the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving. During this month every year, we tend to focus on giving thanks for blessings, but do we have an attitude of gratitude during other months of the year? How about finding something to be thankful for every day of the year?

I read something recently that was quite thought-provoking: “What if you only have in  your life today, what you thanked God for yesterday?”

This question certainly emphasizes that we should exercise that attitude of gratitude much more frequently – daily – probably many times a day – for known blessings in our lives, like people, possessions, and situations – but also for the unseen or intangible blessings, such as God’s protection.

I remember my Dad telling a story of divine protection when he was on the job -he had many occasions, but this was one such time – he used to work for a cable company and he was one of those workers who would have to go out during storms to deal with downed cables. It was dark and as he traveled the path to the tower holding the cable, he distinctly felt as if something unseen in the darkness walked next to him. When he went back the next morning, in daylight, to check things again – he said large bear tracks paralleled his own footprints along the path, close enough that he could have reached out his hand and touched the bear!

Think how many times in life we have narrowly missed an accident, or some other serious incident, because of something that seemed like an inconvenience at the time. I think we may be shocked some day when we learn about all the times when God protected us, either from our own or another person’s foolishness.

It brings to mind the well-known “Footprints” poem – all the times we thought we trudged along in life alone because we saw only one set of footprints – that’s when God was CARRYING  us, and those are HIS footprints!


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