1. I’m not always adherent, but I try to follow the advice I read somewhere to not ever say behind someone’s back anything you wouldn’t be willing to say to their face.

  2. I think you really have to think about what you say .. the tone can also raise eyebrows… but the voice in words.. they mean different things to different people, so you really have to think about what and how you say it. Especially online. Like that quote “Wish my mouth had a backspace ..” how true…

  3. Hi K. Lee,

    Interesting discussion. Few of us aren’t guilty of uttering words we’d love to take back. I really don’t want on my conscious that I’ve hurt anyone.

    Like my Mom often said to us kids, ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything’. If only…

  4. Dirty words I agree with the quote I do wish my mouth had a backspace button. I’m not bad with it though especially since I no longer work with adolescents in residential programs. Thanks for sharing KLee

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