Are You Prepared to Initiate Solutions?

Are You Prepared to Initiate Solutions?

The first month of 2017 is nearly over already. Are you prepared to initiate solutions for a successful and productive year, especially if you have still been in “clean up” mode from the old year? (Raising hand here).

I am thankful for the opportunity to initiate solutions for a fresh start before this new year gets away from me! Initiating solutions–causing the process or action of finding answers to a problem or situation to begin–is often necessary when we need to make changes or a fresh start for some reason.

Learning from our mistakes also comes into play here, because it’s all too easy to get hung up on past mistakes or missed opportunities, and allow that negative energy to affect us so much that we get discouraged and feel like we’re hopeless cases.




Instead, as this quote says, we should consider yesterday’s mistakes as lessons learned, and use them to help us appreciate each new day and take advantage of the fresh start.


True Confession: I have struggled for more years than I care to recall with the feeling that if I didn’t accomplish a certain goal “on schedule” (by my pre-determined timeline or “To Do” list), it meant I had failed for that day, week, or month. Rather than shaking off the negative feeling, I often allowed the downward spiral to continue so I felt more and more miserable about myself, resulting in self-condemnation.


The idea that “every day is a new beginning” – or that we can even have a new beginning in the same day, if the morning got away from us, for example – is a refreshing revelation.



An additional concept about beginning at the beginning to change course, and pursue purpose with new incentive and determination, is the importance of writing your plan and referring to it. I know not everyone who reads my blog shares the same beliefs in God, but some of these principles are still worth considering, whether you want to attribute them to God or reference another “Higher Power” beyond yourself.


If you have been asking God to lead you

in the way  you should go,

you will have a sense of purpose building in you.

You can ask Him to help you plan

your day, your week, and your life.

I encourage you to write down the things

that God imprints on your heart to do.

Writing the vision,

and placing it where you can routinely see it,

will help settle the plan God puts inside of you.”

Joyce Meyer



My Reflections


I know I still need that fresh start in some areas of life, and I need to initiate some solutions in other areas.


Let’s make a fresh start together during these early weeks of 2017 in pursuing our respective purposes in our lives!


So What Are YOUR Thoughts?



So who’s with me?


Do you feel like you need to make some changes and initiate some solutions in your life?





Whether you trust God or another “Higher Power”  for help along the way, or grasp the principles of the Laws of Attraction and speak positive affirmations over your life, today can be a new beginning on the path to pursuing your purpose.



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