Approval and Burnout – September 10 Inspiration

Approval and Burnout – September 10 Inspiration

Approval and burnout. Have you ever thought about the connection between the two? The more we seek approval from others, and fail to receive it, the more likely we are to suffer from discouragement, lack of motivation, and eventually burnout.



So hereĀ  is your inspiration and admonition for this Saturday…


“Those who are addicted to approval

frequently get ‘burned out.’

For them, there always exists the danger

of attempting too much.

They so desperately want to please

that they do everything they feel

is expected of them and then some.

Sometimes they say yes

just because they cannot say no,

not because they think their actions

are the will of God.

They burn out for lack of discernment

or because of unwarranted guilt.

And then, their anger builds.

We become angry when we feel

all used up and pulled in every direction.

Burnout makes us angry,

because we recognize deep down inside

that it is not normal.

We become angry

with the people pressuring us,

when in reality

we are allowing ourselves to be pressured.

To avoid pressure from others and from ourselves,

we must take control of our lives

under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

What in your life

do you need to ‘do something about’?

Pray: Lord, pressure comes from every side,

and it seems impossible to keep up.

Help me to take control of my commitments

and eliminate what is not of You. Amen.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”


My reflections:

I’m no stranger to burnout–and the prayer in this devotional could definitely fit me! Any time I have engaged in “taking time off” has helped me reflect on a lot of important parts of my life I may have previously neglected. Balance is often hard to achieve, yet there needs to beĀ  balance between being too concerned about pleasing others and not quite getting there, compared to simply doing our best and pleasing God.


So what are YOUR thoughts?


Do you struggle with wanting approval from others?


Do you suffer from burnout? Do you strategies to recover?


4 thoughts on “Approval and Burnout – September 10 Inspiration

  1. As a caretaker I am, as I write this, riding with my mother in law to a dr’s appt 3 hours from where we live. Another family member would not have to take 2 days off from work to do this but has refused twice to do this. There is a line between burnout and family approval; between pleasing others and taking time for yourself

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