About the Benefits of Accountability

Are YOU Accountable?


What is accountability? According to the online dictionary, accountability means bearing responsibility, or being answerable to someone, by reporting, explaining, or justifying actions. As children, we were accountable to our parents. As employees, we are accountable to our employers. I think there’s some measure of accountability to our partners, our friends, and other people, depending on the closeness of our relationships. Accountability may seem uncomfortable or challenging at times, but in the long run, it helps us become better, more responsible people.



Here’s your Saturday inspiration…


“Accountability is all about connection, communion, and community.

This is the environment where we thrive, where we come alive again.

It is where we freely give of ourselves and enjoy the abundant fruit of lives well lived.”

–Dr. Tim Clinton in “Turn Your Life Around”



My Reflections


Ah, yes… accountability. That is the reason I have joined blog challenges and blogging communities, for the encouragement and accountability factors that helped me establish a consistent blogging habit.


Another way to gain accountability is to engage the services of a mentor or coach. I saw a guest post by Angie Newton on Lynn Terry’s blog about six reasons to get an accountability partner.  They include getting an extra push to complete a project or decision, bouncing ideas around, being accountable to complete tasks or get encouragement when you’re overwhelmed, sharing accomplishments, receiving total honesty, and increasing your productivity.


If you’re interested in hiring a mentor as an accountability partner, I can highly recommend Lesly Federici, the Robin Hood Mentor!  🙂



So What Are YOUR Thoughts? 

So what are your feelings about accountability?

Do you have someone in your life who helps hold you accountable for various endeavors?



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  1. Hi, though I totally grasp the value of accountability threads, I don’t participate. My first reason is that I don’t like to say I am going to do something and then life happens and I can’t. And the second reason, is that with a close partner or friend it can work but I feel, if someone does not know your personal circumstances, they will not understand. I would rather opt for a coach then.

  2. Well accountability is the baseline for how much we accomplish in our lives, isn’t it? Being accountable to myself is harder than someone else!
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  3. Accountability can be tough but it is important.

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