3 Things Thursday – April 2 Devotions

3 Things Thursday – April 2 Devotions

A fellow blogger, Salma, of The Write Balance, participates in this “Three Things Thursday” linkup and I finally remembered this week, because I’ve been wanting to do it, too!

So my three things for today are the following.

1. VISIT WITH MY DAUGHTER!! 🙂 My oldest daughter Shara, who moved out to Colorado over a year ago, came to visit. I haven’t seen her since last May when she was back in New England to visit. She took me out to a belated birthday lunch and we visited for the afternoon and got caught up on what’s happening in our lives. It was so nice to see her again. Even though she’s 30 now, she’s still “my kid” and  I love her and have really missed her!

My oldest daughter Shara and me, from my middle daughter's wedding in 2013.
My oldest daughter Shara and me, from my middle daughter Jen’s wedding in 2013 (that’s her arm and hand across my shoulders!)


2. TELECONFERENCE WITH CLIENT!!  I had a teleconference with one of my clients about the next project. I’ve been working from home since February 2008, so I’ve begun my 8th year as an independent contractor. I am now starting to see a higher caliber of clients who have more respect for freelance professionals and appreciate the benefits of hiring people who have home offices, for virtual  or telecommuting arrangements. Most of these clients are also established and pay higher rates than average (and definitely higher than I began with back in 2008), so it’s a real blessing to be able to continue working for these kinds of clients.


3. DEVOTIONS!!  Well, yeah–since that’s become my standard daily post here at Words of Encouragement, it is definitely one of my three things for this Thursday, April 2nd. So here are today’s devotional thoughts. Remember, you can read Psalms and Proverbs to accompany each day at my page, Daily Scripture Readings.



“We cannot do everything, and do anything well. Quality is much better than quantity. Oh, how much better life would be if we all took time to think about what we are about to do before we do it. It is amazing how one good night’s sleep changes our minds.

Emotions are fickle and ever changing. This is the reason why it is dangerous to do things based on high emotions without giving plenty of consideration to everything involved. Remember to think before you act.

Pray: Lord, I ask you to give me wisdom as to what I give my time and attention. Help me to be busy with the right things and to give my best to those things. Amen.” 

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”



“Today thank God and decide not to complain about anything. Ask him to show you anytime you are getting ready to complain and to help you hold your tongue. Today, give thanks for what you have without looking at what you don’t have.

The Word says, ‘Let there be no filthiness (obscenity, indecency) nor foolish and sinful (silly and corrupt ) talk, nor coarse jesting, which are not fitting or becoming; but instead, voice your thankfulness [to God] (see Ephesians 5:4).

Guard your tongue today!” 

–Joyce Meyer in “Starting Your Day Right”


-1- This is such an excellent reminder on many levels and I can so relate to it: don’t take on so much that we get overwhelmed and can’t do any of it well; don’t trust emotions;  and take time to think before acting on something.

-2- Quite the challenge! No complaining…about anything! I’m guessing we don’t even realize how often we whine or complain about something until we make a concentrated effort NOT to! That, and guarding our tongues, so we don’t randomly utter words and negativity we shouldn’t.


So what are YOUR thoughts? Do you often take on too much and find yourself struggling to do any of it well?

Do you find it difficult NOT to complain? Have you ever asked God to help you “guard your tongue” so you don’t whine or speak negative words?


5 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday – April 2 Devotions

  1. Yay, so glad you are linking up with us this week! The visit with your daughter sounds lovely. And isn’t it great how far technology has come and what is available to allow people to successfully work from home? Hope you have a great week and see you next Thursday 🙂
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  2. Hi Karen,

    So glad you had time to visit with your daughter, Shara. At the moment, my daughter isn’t speaking to me, and I do miss the bonding time.

    She’s suffering from alcoholism, and it’s interfering with our communication. That’s why it’s so nice to hear that you get along with your daughter.

    I was surprised to hear that your daughter moved to Colorado from New England. That’s a bit FAR to move away from mom. 🙂

    – Bonnie
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